Dec 3, 2014

Twitter/Cold Hard Hash/The Haikujo

I'm tired of hearing about everyone's First World Problems...

I prefer to take solace in...


#FirstPlayerProblems (Tabletop)
#PlayerOneProblems (Console)

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Urbane Dictionary/Gamer Girl

Gamer Girl ( prop. n def.)

The one in the room who can say with certainty: 'I've touched boob today...'

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Mar 28, 2014

The Kickstart Prayer for Gamers

Grant me the strength to accept  the credit I cannot max out; 
the courage to ignore the add-ons I can;
and the pennies to count when THIS MUST BE MINE!

Sep 29, 2011


Bert - The Haiku

Shatter my childhood
A spongy felt entendre'?
'Doing' The Pigeon?!!!??


This little gem was brought to you by the letter 'Y'.
As in: 'Why did someone text me what an elongated Muppet in a turtleneck truly represents?!!!'
I can never unsee it now! Hopefully, you can't either.
I'm like 'The Ring' in that regard...


Twitter/TwitterImpossible/The Khan Whisperer

The Miff of Khan


This was hilarious at 2am -trust me!

Thanks to @pattyjrobinson on The Twit
For #moviequotesthatshouldnotbeshouted
The opposite was not as effective without fontage

Sep 28, 2011

Twitter/TweetASpoiler/Dawn of the Dead '04

TweetASpoiler Theater Presents:

Dawn of the Dead '04