Mar 28, 2014

The Kickstart Prayer for Gamers

Grant me the strength to accept  the credit I cannot max out; 
the courage to ignore the add-ons I can;
and the pennies to count when THIS MUST BE MINE!

Sep 29, 2011


Bert - The Haiku

Shatter my childhood
A spongy felt entendre'?
'Doing' The Pigeon?!!!??


This little gem was brought to you by the letter 'Y'.
As in: 'Why did someone text me what an elongated Muppet in a turtleneck truly represents?!!!'
I can never unsee it now! Hopefully, you can't either.
I'm like 'The Ring' in that regard...


Twitter/TwitterImpossible/The Khan Whisperer

The Miff of Khan


This was hilarious at 2am -trust me!

Thanks to @pattyjrobinson on The Twit
For #moviequotesthatshouldnotbeshouted
The opposite was not as effective without fontage

Sep 28, 2011

Twitter/TweetASpoiler/Dawn of the Dead '04

TweetASpoiler Theater Presents:

Dawn of the Dead '04


Sep 27, 2011

Urbane Dictionary/Victorians

Victorians (def.)

A people long on pocket watches and short on astro-navigation

Urbane Dictionary/Aether

Aether (def.) 

The thick vapors that make up space and hold all the planets and stars and wobbly bits in place. According to the Victorians,  you could breathe in it if you were wearing a pith helmet and fly to the moon in it if you had a steam-punk’d frigate (or a big ass cannon)

See Victorians (def.)